Leaf Removal

If you have well established trees in your neighborhood, you have probably experienced the large amount of leaves that can pile up in your yard and other areas around your home. Raking those leaves up and disposing of them can be a time consuming job. We can help you with all of your leaf removal needs.  Leaving leaves on top of your lawn can cause problems. That pile of leaves can block the sun from getting to your lawn, it may also cause problems such as fungus, mold, and other diseases, this is due to water not being evaporated properly. Trees that have diseases can also cause problems with your lawn when they drop their leaves, these diseases can spread as the leaves decompose into the soil.

From raking to removing the leaves completely, we can get the job done quickly so that your lawn can get back to looking clean and tidy. If your home is in need of leaf removal services, contact us today at 618-531-8687.

If your lawn gets covered in leaves during the fall then you may want to consider having our team of experts remove those leaves from your property. We can save you time and help to keep your lawn healthy. Find out more about how leaf removal services can benefit your lawn.