Our professional lawn service use different techniques to keep your lawn looking its best, over seeding is one of these techniques. Over seeding involves spreading grass seed on top of your current lawn. There are many reasons to use over seeding for lawn care, the main reason is that after grass matures the growth and rate of reproduction declines, leaving your lawn with bare patches or dead spots. Over seeding makes sure that grass is constantly producing young grass blades, giving it a thick and lush look. Golf courses are a prime example of how over seeding can leave your grass looking healthier as many golf courses use over seeding as a regular grass care practice.

Reasons to use over seeding for lawn health

  • Over seeding can crowd out weeds stopping them from taking over your grass.
  • Over seeding, especially in the fall can help your new grass establish over the winter months so when spring comes your lawn is ready to grow and green up.
  • If the grass you currently have is not well suited to your area you can oversee with a new variety. This can give your lawn better protection against things such as insects, disease, and drought.
  • Over seeding will keep your grass looking green and thick.

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Over seeding your lawn can produce a greener and thicker lawn that is more resistant to things such as insects, diseases, and other problems that may be causing your lawn to lack that lush green look. Find out more on how over seeding can help your lawn.