We can help your landscaping stay neat and tidy by replacing your mulch when it is starting to erode or bare patches are present. By raking out your old mulch and replacing it with new mulch we can keep your landscaping not just looking good, but also by giving your plants a healthier environment to grow in. If you prefer to leave your old mulch in place then we can lay new mulch down over to top of the existing layer. We let you decide which type of mulch you are happy to lay down in your landscaping but are also happy to offer advice on what may work best.

Mulching is a popular technique that can help your landscaping’s overall health. Mulch can be made up of many materials, in your landscaping may use wood chips, whilst on a lawn you may use the cuttings from your own grass. Mulching helps put back nutrients into your landscaping and helps retain moisture so that your plants can thrive. Whilst mulching seems like an easy task to complete, knowing which products can provide the most benefit to your landscaping can be the difference in getting the most out of your plant. For example, black plastic can be a great mulch for plants that need high temperature soils, however it does not add any nutrients to the soil and can block moisture. The key to getting the right mulch for landscaping is knowing what your plants needs are. We can help you choose the right mulch, apply it in the right volume, and keep it looking neat and tidy. To get the most out of mulching it is best to keep up a regular schedule, this will provide your landscaping with the steady nutrients it needs, our lawn care services help you keep a track of mulching so that you can enjoy your landscaping.

The benefits of Mulching

  • Mulching around your plants and landscaping can provide a natural fertilizer letting you use a lesser amount of other fertilizers.
  • Mulching can help retain moisture, helping your plants grow whilst letting you water less.
  • A good layer of mulch can help prevent the spread of weeds throughout your landscaping.
  • Using mulch can help you have healthier plants allowing you to treat them with bug sprays and other chemicals less.
  • Mulching can protect the ground from insects that cause damage to your landscaping.

If you would like to keep your landscaping looking lush and healthy by adding a regular mulching schedule, contact us today at 618-531-8687.

The practice of mulching has been around for years and there is a good reason for this.  Mulching can provide many benefits to the soil and can help produce plants that are healthy and thriving.  Find out more about how mulching can help improve your landscaping.